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4820 Lowell St Sewer Repair
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581 W 114th Pl Plumbing Repair
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601 W 114th Pl Plumbing Repair
601 W 114th Pl Sewer Repair
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Discount Sewer and Drain Latest Projects

January 2013

601 W 114th Pl Sewer Repair

This is one of the toughest repairs that we've ever done. The sewer pipe was broken in two places at the foundation and all of the water was draining into the sump pit under the floor in the basement, plus the pipe had a major 30' long sag out to the sidewalk.
The original pipe was installed too low when the house was built to have the proper downhill pitch needed for drainage
What made this repair so difficult is the depth at the house, @9' deep under the porch, a big tree, no room to effectively dig between the houses, the pipe is under the sidewalk right next to the length of the foundation for 20', and the gas line is right on top of it.
After much discussion we decided to use the pneumatic mole to bore a new line, abandoning the old one. It worked GREAT!. Not only did we not have to try a dangerous excavation, but it actually corrected the pitch out to the street. We also installed two way 4" cleanouts for future access.
Don't forget to like us at the button below... THANKS DON!
Northglenn Sewer RepairNorthglenn Sewer RepairNorthglenn Sewer RepairNorthglenn Sewer RepairNorthglenn Sewer RepairNorthglenn Sewer Repair

581 W 114th Pl Plumbing Repair

Plumbing RepairPlumbing RepairA BIG THANKS goes out to Don Mathison who had the confidence in us to tackle a tough pipe freeze problem.
Don is a the real estate professional selling this vacant home. When a home inspector came to do his inspection for a potential buyer, he found that the furnace had gone out and the water pipes had frozen and split.
It was very cold the night before, @ -4 degrees.
The entire water supply system was hard frozen solid, and when the furnace was repaired, leaking in many places behind the walls.
Luckily, the homeowners insurance covered the repair. We re-piped the whole house with new Pex water lines plus a new Bradford White hot water heater.
Remember, if you are going to sell a vacant house over the winter, you must winterize to be sure this kind of damage doesn't happen.
Plumbing RepairPlumbing RepairPlumbing RepairPlumbing Repair

28440 E 162nd Ct

Brighton sewer repairBrighton sewer repairBrighton sewer repairBrighton sewer repair
                                                               A BIG THANKS goes out to John & Nicole for having the confidence in us to tackle a tough sewer problem.             
John & Nicole bought this beautiful home in rural Brighton, knowing that there was a potential problem with the sewer.
They had it "fixed" prior to the purchase, as part of the deal.
Well, the sellers contractor didn't really fix anything, they faked it by stuffing some caulking against the foundation and said it was good.
HELLO! There was a big hole in the sewer pipe and a 30' section running uphill. No amount of caulking in the world can fix that!
Brighton sewer repairBrighton sewer repairBrighton sewer repair

3189 S. Raleigh St.

The sellers of this house did everything right, they had it winterized for the cold weather while the house was vacant and for sale.
 When they turned the water on for a home inspection, it was a total flood coming through the bathroom ceiling, and no body bothered to turn off the water.
They just walked out of there with the water gushing into the vacant home.
We were called to troubleshoot the problem and found these two illegal hookups behind the wall, tapped into the shower valve, both failed.
 Even though the prospective buyers hired a home inspection, they would have never known about these connections until they failed.
Denver plumbing repairDenver plumbing repairDenver plumbing repairDenver plumbing repair

2915 Juilliard St. Boulder Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair BoulderSewere Repair BoulderTHANKS go out to Sofie for choosing us to fix a broken sewer pipe.
Sofie is doing some extensive landscaping at her home in Boulder and the landscapers needed to know the location of the sewer and water pipes before digging.
We did a sewer scope inspection to locate the pipe and found that it was broken and completely cored with roots for several feet.
 We were able to excavate this section and make emergency repairs in one day.
 Now the landscapers can get back to work...
Sewer Repair Boulder

1646 Adams St, Denver Sewer Repair

Pat has had sewage flooding for quite some time. The cleanout access is right between the two houses and when the sewer clogs, everything floods the sidewalk until someone sees it. It could be days before anyone goes over there to see it, especially in the winter.
We did a sewer scope inspection and found that the storm water drain was illegally tied into the sanitary sewer, plus the downspout was overflowing, causing the entire area and foundation of the addition to sink into the mud.
This ground movement pushed the sewer pipe down and mud was falling into the pipe.
We were able to locate this spot, excavate and repair the break.
The pipe still has a low spot and some roots, and will need yearly cleaning, but for a 109 year old sewer pipe, that's not bad.
Thanks Pat!
Denver Sewer RepairDenver Sewer Repair

8380 Oakwood St Sewer Repair

BIG THANKS goes out to Patricia for having the confidence in us to repair a broken sewer line.
 A sewer scope inspection for a possible home buyer showed a broken pipe in the yard. The hole in the pipe was so big that all of the water and solids were running into the ground, so Patricia had no idea that there was ever a problem.
We were able to locate the exact position of the break, make repairs, and install two way 4" sewer cleanouts for future access.
The rest of the line looks to be in very good condition and should give many more years of trouble free service.
Remember to always get a sewer scope inspection before buying an older home, the seller may not know that there is a big problem out there.
Denver Sewer RepairDenver Sewer RepairDenver Sewer RepairDenver Sewer Repair