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 Sewer Scope Inspection, Denver Area 
Honest, Comprehensive Sewer Scope Inspections

No Commissioned Salesmen - $149
We offer honest, unbiased sewer scope inspections that let you see if your drain and sewer lines are just clogged with roots, or experiencing breaks or damage.

If you’ve ever been skeptical that a plumbing company is being honest about the problem with your drain lines, a sewer scope inspection will reveal what the real problem is.
Sewer scope inspections and line locating are the number one tools in assessing the over all condition of your drain lines.  Denver Area Sewer Scope Inspection
The sewer scope inspection camera uses an infra-red light on a fiber optic cable that displays a live video of your drains that can be seen on a sewer scope monitor. 
As the fiber optic sewer scope is carefully sent through the drain, the infra-red imaging is instantly sent through to a monitor above ground where you can see exactly what is going on with your drain.

 Denver Area Sewer Scope InspectionOnce the real problem is revealed on the
sewer scope monitor, our experienced technicians can let you know what the situation is and offer solutions to fix the line. 
If a plumbing company doesn’t use sewer scope inspection to analyze what is causing the problem, be skeptical.

If they insist that you need a complete line replacement costing thousands of dollars – make sure to get a second opinion.   
   If you have roots or think you need to repair your main sewer line call us first for full Sewer scope inspection. You may only need a spot repair with outside clean-outs.
We use Ridgid SeeSnake sewer scope cameras and locators.
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Don't Be Fooled
Don't be fooled by those free sewer scope inspections being offered out there... Do you really think they do it for free?

Those free sewer scopes are performed by a commissioned salesman, he only gets paid if he sells you a repair.

We are 100% honest about what you may, or may not, need... and we have many references of people who have called us for a second opinion when one of those "Big Name" radio ads sewer guys tried to panic the customer into a hard sell repair, or bait and switch scams. 

Don't sign any contracts without calling us for a free estimate and second opinion.
With Denver Discount Sewer and Drain you get an HONEST report, ALL of the repair options, and YOU decide what is best for you.

NO pressure to sign any contracts and absolutely No up selling. 
Our techs do not work on commission.

Free estimates on all of your plumbing repair needs.
Full sewer scope inspection, camera and locate services.
Check out our blog for some pictures of our latest projects... Here
Free written repair estimates with any sewer scope inspectionWe are dedicated to keeping your Denver sewer scope inspection service costs as low as possible.
 Denver Sewer Scope Inspection, Denver Sewer Repair
 Denver Sewer Scope Inspection, Denver Sewer Repair

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Thank You for the kind words James...                                         
04/19/2012 2:17 PM. I am the P.R. for my moms Estate, and I have been managing her house, my step son and his family lives there, and my mom Estate has no money left.
So I get this call yesterday, and my daughter in law, is freaked out, saying the sewer is backed up, and a company came out.
ARS rescue rooter came out and said that we need to act right away and they wanted 5,385.00 to fix it, it is a duplex and the other owner was kinda pressuring me to get it fixed right away.
I told him I did not have a great feeling about this, and that the Estate is broke and could not pay such a cost, the probate is almost out.
So I got online and did a search, I called this company, and right off the bat, he ask me for a DVD, I said what DVD? They didn't give me one.
Eric, the other owner of the property, contacted ARS rescue rooter and ask for a copy of the sewer scope video, and he said he would sell us a copy for like $230. Really? We already paid them $480! I told Eric, no way, does not sound right, and I gave Larry a call.
Larry was very professional, and HONEST!! Thank GOD!, cause he came out, made a sewer scope video for us, and fixed our problem for less than $150 and left us proof. My poor kids could not even go # 2 because the other company told them the pipe was broken.
The pipe wasn't broken at all!
They just tried to get us to sign a contract into a huge sewer repair at 10 o'clock at night.
I am the owner of Comprehensive Computer Service been in Aurora since 1993, and God bless this man, he saved the day for us!!!
Now we do not have to sell the house right away and if you have ever had to deal with Estate issues you know what a hassle it is. All I can say is thank you very much sir! I am a customer for life, and will tell many others about your honest service!!!
James Kirkpatrick
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